Experienced Investors

Not only does Property Management ownership have an investment property portfolio, so does our staff–we our Investors ourselves. We understand the needs of our investors and tenants. CB Properties is simply an extension of our management philosophy we use to successfully manage our own portfolio of homes.

                                                                   Excellent Customer Service    bbb-logo-INTEGRITY

When we started in this business, we wanted to set ourselves apart from not just poor communicating Property Managers, but all businesses. Whether you are a Tenant living in our homes or an Investor Owner, excellent and responsive customer service  is the culture we have created in the day to day operations of our business.

Our Portfolio Manager model gives you a specific contact within our office so that our tenants and clients have clear direction as to who to contact about their questions. An Portfolio Managers will return all calls and emails by the end of our business day as we understand the importance of communication that is needed to run a successful Property Management company. We also know it creates peace of mind to investors, most of which reside outside Memphis, TN.

As a Tenant living in our home, through our online portal, we are able to give you the best customer service during and after hours as our system and processes in place are designed to respond to you quickly! Also as important, our goal is to align our Management company with Property Owners who understand the responsibilities of owning a Rental Property.

Transparency in Billing

We mentioned poor customer service as a reason we hear when Property Owners come to us to manage their home. The other reason is Transparency in Billing.  As a Investor Owner, you will never be left guessing your maintenance billing or the nature of the maintenance done on your property. Each time an maintenace issues comes into our office, you will get alerted through our Property Management system. This is your opportunity to engage your Portfolio Manager. When the repair is done, you will receive the before and after picture to show you the work has been completed. On your billing, you will clearly see the vendor invoice with an description of what they did at your property. For some of the smaller vendors who use our credit lines, you will see the breakout of the materials they purchased too.

As Investor ourselves, we understand maintenance can drain your cash flow. We have aligned ourselves with vendors who value the volume of business we supply them on a weekly basis and in return, give us wholesale pricing.  Examples of Wholesale Pricing are below*:

  • 3 Ton AC Install: $1,300
  • 3 Ton Furnace Install: $1,100
  • Hot Water Tank Install: $650
  • Repaint House: $650
  • Yard Service During Vacancy: $37 per cut

*Cost may vary depending on installation & repair scenario

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Meet the Team

Alex Craig

Alex Craig


A native Memphian with an degree from the University of Memphis. Alex owns and still adding to his large portfolio of homes in Memphis and Little Rock, AR.

Andrew Akins

Andrew Akins

Property Manager

Native Memphian currently adding to his investment property portfolio. A undergraduate degree from the University of Mississippi and graduate degree from the University of Memphis.

Cristina Hammers

Cristina Hammers

Account Manager

From Chicago Illinois and graduate of the University of Memphis. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Cuba in the 1960s, establishing a bilingual foundation and allowing her to communicate with Spanish speakers on a daily basis.

Alejandro Natera

Alejandro Natera

Project Manager

Born and raised in Venezuela, Alejandro migrated to the US in the late 1990s. With more than 25 years of experience in construction in Venezuela and Memphis, Alejandro Natera brings a wealth of knowledge to the CB Properties & Memphis Turnkey team